Fiat Dealership (London & Windsor)

This project is about creating and celebrating the FIAT experience.  As FIAT returns to the North American market, the design of this stylish, modern, FIAT-branded dealership is crucial to the success of the company’s reappearance, through exemplifying the rich history of the FIAT brand worldwide.  This unique showroom offers a boutique style dealership that will be integrated into a larger retail setting. Small scale FIAT branded items and a café complete the experience.  

The design builds upon the FIAT brand: stylish Italian sophistication that is complimented with sleek sensibility.  Organized around the central FIAT runway, which has an integrated raised display ramp, are: the Style Centre, Reception, the Merchandising Display, Café Fiat, the Lounge and the Offices.  An added design feature is the living walls, which speak to sustainability, as well as the forward thinking of the FIAT brand.