Pillar Non-Profit Network, Innovation Works

Pillar Nonprofit Network supports London’s non-profit organizations in fulfilling their missions, and facilitates the cross sector connections that enable meaningful community impact.  architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson is proud to have helped Pillar perform building reviews and space analysis -  including considerable community consultation, business modeling, real estate reviews and proof of concept - in search of what would be their future home of a social innovation shared space called Innovation Works. After detailed evaluation and an Ontario Building Code review of several potential sites, Pillar was able to announce its purchase of 201 King Street in Downtown London.

With a shared vision of how innovative space can help foster social enterprise, social innovation and cross-sector collaboration, we worked with Pillar to develop a functional program that reflects their dynamic and diverse new thinkers. A generous choice of environments ensures that the need to do things differently meets the means to do it. Desk space, meeting space and shared offices provide areas to focus. Open, collaborative and comfortable spaces support the impromptu conversations across agencies that create and grow great ideas. Dynamic and sunlit, fully accessible and inclusive, Innovation Works is ready to connect.