Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services (CBS) has embarked on a journey to reinforce and expand its role as a trusted partner here and around the world in the creation and delivery of health care policy and programs. CBS pairs donors with recipients, not only for blood products and stem cells, but in many areas of organ tissue donation and transplantation. CBS asked architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson to create a new countrywide model for community-based clinics that not only strengthened this vision, but also encouraged donor recruitment and advanced local connection. We identified strategies that raised both the level of clinic design and contributed to the success of neighbouring community spaces. Our firm uses the term “generative space” to describe this kind of vibrant environment that balances our need for both functional space and social or emotional spaces.

In response, we developed open concept layouts that are both welcoming to donors and efficient for clinical staff to manage. By taking advantage of available natural light and introducing new colours, materials and textures, CBS embodies the positive spaces that are now transforming their client experience in over ten locations across Canada, including Oshawa, Toronto, London, Surrey, Vancouver, Kingston, Halifax, Red Deer and Moncton.