Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre

The new home for the Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre (HUCCHC) will support the diversity of our communities, including marginalized and racialized groups who often experience discrimination in healthcare spaces.  The new community health centre will: provide a vibrant community hub, creating a sense of belonging and pride of place; encourage collaboration among providers and partners; facilitate holistic health and wellbeing; and address digital equity.

HUCCHC serves a marginalized and racialized community, many living in poverty or are new immigrants or refugees, others struggle with drug addiction, homelessness or precarious housing.  This project is designed to address the stigma and discrimination these clients often face when receiving healthcare services.  This project also breaks down the silos between primary care and other providers by creating a series of multidisciplinary teams.  The new HUCCHC is designed to be client-centric, where providers go to the clients in a series of interprofessional healthcare hubs.  These hubs promote collaboration and a more holistic approach to care and include: counselling; primary care; dental services; chiropody; and an EKG and Phlebotomy lab.  The project also includes a Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) space. 

All clients, visitors and staff who access this building will do so through one entrance, reducing stigma for all who use the HUCCHC services, including the CTS program.  A two-storey lobby and entrance space will draw visitors and community members up to the second floor where they will be welcomed with a community courtyard space.  All community gathering and social spaces are located on the second floor, open to the central courtyard, and served with a community teaching kitchen.  These spaces are visually connected to the main entrance, lobby, and streetscape, ensuring a strong connection between the interior gathering spaces and community beyond.  This connection is further strengthened by the mural that spans across glass façade made of individual handprints from all stakeholders, including community members, fostering a sense of belonging and ownership of the spaces within.