Sifton West 5 Candela and Spektra

A pair of new residential buildings will further support the sustainable mission of an exemplar community development project in London’s west end.

Sifton’s West 5, developed by Sifton Properties, has been shaped with the energy mandate to exist at Net-Zero at the community scale, to serve as a landmark expression of a “smart” community – seamlessly integrating sustainability and technology with design excellence.

Candela and Spektra will add a combined 144 residential units to the West 5 community.

Candela – named after the unit for measurement of luminous intensity – will stand as an eight storey, 74-unit condominium building comprised of a mix of dwelling sizes, including three-bedroom units. Spektra – a name that further plays on the project’s solar focus – will provide 70 rental units across its six storeys.

Onsite energy production has served as the principal director of sustainable-based decisions. The orientation of Spektra’s longest façade to the south will ensure maximum solar capture and production through its solar panel cladding. Similarly, Candela has been situated to avoid shadows cast by neighbouring building Helio, located to its south. This will allow for an unobstructed south façade and a long west-facing façade – the second highest orientation for solar yield. The pair’s solar panels will provide approximately 42 percent of their combined energy use.

Material changes – including brick, aluminum composite panel, glass and solar panels – serve to deconstruct the length of the buildings, as do fenestrations and recessed balconies. 

The buildings will be connected by a 304-space underground parking structure which will be accessed by an entrance ramp that will be similarly be clad in solar panels.

Construction on buildings will begin in June 2022 and welcome new community members in 2024.