West 5 Office Building

West 5 is a sustainable community in the west end of London, Ontario, developed by Sifton Properties.  The energy mandate of this development is to be net-zero at the community scale, attracting Londoner’s who value conscientious living.  The new four storey, multi-tenant, Office Building will further advance this mandate through leading edge sustainable and energy efficient initiatives, including:

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic (PV) Panels (vertically mounted on the east, south, and west facades)
  • A low-profile roof top Solar Array
  • Vertically mounted solar panels that screen the penthouse and roof mounted equipment
  • High performing Building Envelope (R-40 Roof, thermally broken z-girts, high performing glazing, reduced spandrel panel quantities)
  • Basement integrated cistern for grey-water collection, filter, and re-use for toilets and irrigation
  • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) high efficiency air handling systems

The most notable, and signature, sustainable design feature is the 876 solar panels mounted to the façade and roof, which will yield 89.8% of the buildings required energy.  The remaining energy, to meet the net zero requirements, will be achieved through solar canopies mounted in the adjacent on-grade parking lot.  The façade mounted vertically oriented solar panels have been uniquely designed to use traditional roof mounted PV panels with specifically designed façade connectors, that facilitate standard construction practices by local trades. This strategy will reduce cost and long lead times often associated with pre-purchased building integrated PV wall panels.

The West 5 Office Building will be a leader in sustainable initiatives at West 5. When complete this Building will be a strong contributor to the community’s net-zero goals and provide an energy efficient and extensively daylit home for forward thinking office, retail, commercial and medical tenants.