South London Community Leisure Centre and White Oaks Public School

Engaging in an innovative partnership was the answer to providing the solution to South London’s need for recreation and academic spaces. The City of London and the Thames Valley Board of Education entered into a joint venture that would result in the new South London Community Leisure Centre. architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson, prime consultant, in association with the School Board’s architect, Randy Wilson, developed the Leisure Centre to permit the simultaneous use of this facilities by the two major project stakeholders. The South London academic and recreation communities now share access to a large 25 metre free form pool with smaller conversation pool, gymnasium, gallery space, classrooms, multi-purpose room, stage, library, day care and lunch room.

A refresh of the existing 50,000 square feet White Oaks Public School as well as an additional 80,000 square feet of new construction generated a strong symbol of the community it serves. The local residents have come to identify this building as an important element in their shared community experience. Large expanses of exterior glazing create the transparent and accessible feel of a building celebrating its public nature. A consistent sense of fun can be felt throughout this vibrant place. Inside, the pool is shaped like a playful whale. A wave like roof and strategically placed viewing portholes contribute to lightheartedness and energy.