Western University, John P. Robarts Research Institute

The John P. Robarts Research Institute at Western University is a medical research facility that is continuing to grow its mission of accelerating medical discovery. Completed over a number of phases, the newest expansion is a 7-storey addition with basement that provides 2 floors of research space supporting advanced medical imaging, cellular and molecular biology, genomics, immunology and stem cell biology. The design of the expansion was, in part, driven by a new need to support an interdisciplinary approach to research. Where the new addition meets the existing building, social collaborative spaces that facilitate boundary-crossing, make it easy for physicians and physicists, biologists and biomedical engineers to meet formally, or by chance. Openings between floors vertically connect departments, and make visible the energy of a national leader in biological, clinical and imaging research. 

Shelled space was provided to support future research needs including the recent fit-out of three floors that now accommodate:

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory imaging research programs complete with a new 3T, 7T and 9.4T MR systems. The 9.4T Magnet has the largest bore size and magnetic field in Canada and one of only nine in the world. 
  • Molecular cell biology complete with a Micro-CT Suite. 
  • Electro physiology Labs for the Institute’s new scientific director.

We continue to collaborate on a series of expansions and renovations that keep Robarts current and future-forward.