Fanshawe College, School of Digital and Performing Arts

The experience of learning can be more than just school and curriculum. It can be a stage for the vibrant interplay between students, teachers, neighbours and neighbourhoods that expresses our aspirations for a better world. The site selected for the new School of Digital and Performing Arts is an ideal opportunity to create such a rich learning environment.. An existing 1970’s Royal Trust pre-cast concrete building provides the “bones” for new learning and performing spaces.

Given the importance of the school in strengthening the downtown area and broadening Fanshawe College’s reach and reputation, the new School of Digital and Performing Arts is designed to embody contagious energy. With this in mind, the intent of the building design is to establish a fully accessible kinetic form, which resonates and responds with the activities both within and around the school. Orchestrated movement through and along the site enhances the pedestrian experience from all approaches, acting as connecting and rejuvenating tissue. The intended transparency and flexibility of the building skin at street level generates the fission of an authentic attractor for arts and culture tourism, and as importantly, students from around the world.

The Howard W. Rundle Building was awarded the "Building Repurpose" award in the 2016 Don Smith Commercial Building Awards and the "Buildings" category award winner in the 2015 London Urban Design Awards.