Lambton College, NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre, Athletics and Fitness Complex

Lambton College is undergoing its first major expansion in over 20 years.  The new NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre and Athletic & Fitness Complex will tell a clear and elegant story of the emerging role of Lambton College as an essential community asset in connecting different ideas, perspectives and experiences. Visible from a major thoroughfare, the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre provides an opportunity for Lambton College to: renew their academic environments; enhance social environments; attract the best and brightest minds in a competitive market; and connect to community members, industrial partners, researchers and innovative ideas around the world.

Thoughtfully integrated into the existing campus building, the new construction looks to communicate an excitement about the future. Building on this vision the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre and Athletic & Fitness Complex will provide a dynamic landscape for learning, creation, and collaboration, fueling the contagious energy that allows knowledge to be put together in new ways. Design strategies like transparent walls between learning space and onto walkways animates community, and encourages a culture of participation.

Sustainable principles influenced building material selection and design of major components. For example, natural ventilation – usually not as effective in buildings the height of the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre and Athletic & Fitness Complex – will be a practical solution given the new 67-foot tall glass tower. This element will augment mechanical systems by moving air from the entrance atrium up through the tower.  A bright beacon of the campus, the tower will not only support sustainability goals, it is a celebration of the year during which the campus was founded.

The expansion includes: a double gymnasium, with a varsity court; 1250 bleachers on three sides of the varsity court; change rooms; a fitness facility; multi-purpose space; a 125 seat lecture theatre/symposium space; active learning classrooms for 48 students and 80 students; research space; a massage clinic; paramedic simulation labs; hospital and retail pharmacy labs; nursing simulation suites; collaborative meeting space; and student social space.

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While all of the buildings that were designed by aTRR are both functional and architecturally beautiful, the [Athletics and Fitness Complex & NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre] will forever change the landscape of Lambton College. They are two of the most attractive, open and inviting buildings in the Ontario College System...We could not be happier with McMichael Ruth and aTRR and would recommend them for any commercial designs, large scale or small.

Judith Morris, President & CEO
Lambton College