Western University, University College Renewal

As University College (UC) approaches one hundred years of service to Western University, this iconic building was hard-pressed to provide the resources and experiences expected by 21st century learning communities. architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson’s team of academic designers and technical experts were commissioned to transform UC’s learning environment to ensure that every dollar invested in the renovation delivers maximum value towards the building’s longevity and learning performance. All building infrastructure has been replaced including mechanical and electrical systems, as well as information and communication technologies. Our design team provided the expertise to permit the widest possibilities in planning and flexibility. Resolving limitations imposed by this older building, such as limited floor to floor height and structural restrictions, required on-going collaboration across our entire consulting team to advance the creative solutions that continue to advance Western’s expectations. With the much needed renovations completed, UC is the new home of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Future-ready spaces at UC will offer the immersive environments that will best support learning and collaboration within each, as well as across the Faculty’s many departments. 

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