Boler Mountain Chalet Redevelopment

Boler Mountain is a London not-for-profit organization that invites 4-season access to outdoor recreational programs and facilities with a focus on winter activities. For over 70 years, Boler has been a much loved presence in the London community. A recent expansion and renovation on the Boler site has broadened opportunities for Londoners to lead healthy, socially-active lives. A special focus on inclusivity, health and wellness is helping shape a unique experience for all ages and abilities.

The transformation of Boler’s existing forty-year-old chalet is generating additional revenue by increasing capacity for hospitality services.  A large modern kitchen and licensed banquet hall accommodates large groups of up to 200. Smaller groups are comfortable in flexible multi-purpose rooms. During the ski season, up to 400 guests can be accommodated by a range of food services including a scramble area family “brown bag” lunches.

The refreshed design of the chalet emphasizes a strong connection to the surrounding landscape. New spaces are configured to maximize views to nature, and welcome natural light. Traditional materials such as stone and wood speak to the history of this place as well embody a modern ski lodge atmosphere. The design seamlessly integrates new with re-purposed existing spaces to create a new sense of permanence.

This project was completed with assistance from Bull Stockwell Allen.

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The Boler Mountain Chalet Redevelopment project was awarded the "People's Choice Award" in the 2019 City of London Urban Design Awards. 

The Boler Mountain Chalet Redevelopment project was also awarded the "Don Smith Commerical Building Achievement" in the 2020 LSTAR Don Smith Commercial Building Awards. 

We believe that aTRR took a very collaborative approach throughout the design process, and was patient during the various iterations required to fit all that we wished to accomplish into one building envelope. We felt that aTRR appreciated the history of Boler in the community, and understood the core values and vision which the Board expressed. There was an ability on the part of aTRR to listen to our staff and to Board members, and to understand Boler’s operations and programs to ensure that the final design was functional and efficient.

Gary Curtis, President
Boler Mountain