Jack Burger Sports Complex Revitalization

The Municipality of Port Hope, in partnership with volunteers of the Jack Burger Sports Complex Revitalization Committee, commissioned architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson to develop a revitalized recreation facility that contributes to the health of its citizens. The goal of the City was to enhance the overall experience of users and staff, as well as incorporate current in-demand program elements. Renovations to the original 1978 structure and a new addition incorporate new spaces such as entry lobby and control desk, community room, canteen and café, hot tub, new on-deck spectator seating and improved pool viewing. Throughout the Complex, a general emphasis on universal design promotes inclusiveness for people of all ages and abilities. A new elevator, family change room and areas for care-givers also greatly enhance the building’s “user-friendliness.” 

To capture Port Hope’s vision for the John Burger experience, we facilitated a number of community meetings to develop a set of Design Principles. For example, these principles prioritize the program elements and guide the development of a design that reflects the Sports Complex’s personality and place in the community. These principles include: creative spaces that inspire action, encourage socialization and support personal well-being; a renewed “sense of place” that embodies the character and spirit of the existing facility and a contemporary, forward-looking building that celebrates the rich history, heritage and culture of the Municipality.