Western University, Saugeen Maitland Hall Residence Dining Hall

Universities are continually on a path to design and apply the unique physical, economic and social vision of a quality student life experience at their institution. As it is an activity that brings people or communities together, dining can be a vibrant destination that embodies the right message regarding identity and values. Western University depends on these types of attractors to provide the kind of spaces where both quiet study, as well as informal and unplanned interdisciplinary connections can be the genesis of innovation and creativity. 

Meeting the expectations of the 1200 students who make Saugeen-Maitland Residence their home between Sept. 1 and April 30 is part of Western’s strategies to draw the best and brightest students. Our firm is currently leading a process that will rethink the planning for this amenity in light of new ideas trending in campus food services as well as social and learning opportunities. A new high quality décor will supports the broadest range of activities – dining, socializing, studying and hanging out – the key to making the Dining Hall a culinary-focused, destination of choice. A range of both fixed and moveable seating and other furnishing provides choice and flexibility for everyday and special events. High touch, low maintenance materials will invite. Technology will be ubiquitous and unobtrusive