Toronto Metropolitan University, Creative Innovation Studio at FCAD

Toronto Metropolitan's building at 110 Bond Street is challenging the University to provide the research, innovation and support spaces expected by 21st century learning communities.  Funding made available through the Federal Government’s Strategic Funding Initiative is providing the resources to ensure that Toronto Metropolitan's students are not only ready for it, but are better positioned to flourish. This 10,100 square foot 3-storey building will be used to consolidate three zones of its Faculty of Communication and Design Department including Digital Fabrication (DFZ), Fashion (FZ) and Transmedia (TMZ) zones.

As part of the design process, architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson explored with Toronto Metropolitan exercises in scenario planning that examined the implications of potential program changes, possible new partner agencies, and evolving academic community needs for student workspace, administrative and shared meeting space. The outcome of these multiple-user workshops guided the right proximities that will generate good ideas and interdisciplinary learning opportunities across and between the three Zones. Vibrant and buzzing with energy, the programmed spaces, and the collaboration areas in-between, will offer the raw and open opportunities that await for students to be the designers of their learning  and social environments.

Adaptations to the existing building include a new, accessible entrance with event and exhibition space as well as prototyping and production areas. Other shared space located on the second floor, are a collaborative hot-desk area that also functions as a flexible student story room for shows, entertainment and lectures. Level three has work space assigned to each of the three zones as well as an advanced fabrication lab.