Byron Pool and Bathhouse

The City of London plays an active and important role in the development and promotion of community-based projects. The Byron Pool and Bathhouse Life Cycle Renewal Project is intended to rejuvenate the facility as a whole. Existing components have been replaced by a new bathhouse, a 25M pool with diving platform plus up-to-date mechanical system, and a pool deck with additional leisure areas. The configuration of the pool integrates inclusive design elements—such as accessible change/shower rooms and beach entry to the pool—to create a safe, welcoming and family-friendly facility. Elements such as a kids’ zone with water features, a rock climbing wall, and a diving well add fresh ways to engage the community.

The final design reflects the new Ontario Building Code as well as the Ontario Human Rights Code. Both support the removal of arbitrary barriers that prevent the right to gender identity and gender expression from enjoying protection that is equal to the protection afforded for others. The configuration of private change rooms, like washrooms and other program areas, are arranged to provide clear views and paths of travel to eliminate unsafe areas and provide barrier-free accessible paths of travel.