Sault College, Student Commons – The Hub

Essential to post-secondary institutions, student commons offer the multi-faceted formal and informal spaces for learning and gathering that create a rich, connected environment. A vital component of the re-imagined life/learning experience at Sault College, the Commons organizes easy access to the new and relocated student resources that have been identified by the College as those best leading to the success of their learners. Breakout rooms supporting student-based learning enterprises, classrooms, a student run café and, individual study areas form the networked and networking spaces needed to bring an energy all of its own to Sault.

The location of the Sault Commons is a natural “in between space” created by three existing buildings – including the new Health and Wellness Centre and Essar Hall – that have shifted the once predominant east/west flow of students on campus to include north/south movement. At the intersection of these two paths is the new, striking Commons named “The Hub” by the College’s students. 

This project was completed in association with EPOH Inc.